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Great professionalism. They truly repair ONLY what’s necessary promptly and at very reasonable fees.

~George Deme

Very pleased with my experience. They were very transparent with their pricing and honest with what needed to be fixed and not fixed. My oil pan was cracked. My timing chain cover has a small leak but they advised that can wait. I really appreciate that because I know some places would push for that to be fixed just to make a buck. I also appreciate how they fit me in as soon as they could. Everyone was really nice and explained what was going on. After being ripped off by my movers earlier this week, it was great to work with an honest business. Thanks for making a potentially stressful experience easy and actually pleasant. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. I never write reviews but I highly recommend this business.

~Rachel Anton

great auto body shop for BMW, honest and professional service. terry was very helpful and accommodating when I told her that based on the estimate, the repair would be out of my budget. she was nice enough to even leave the keys in the glove compartment for me to be able to pick up the car over the busy holidays when the shop would be closed. a no frills shop that will give you professional service whether you give them business or not. will definitely go back to them for my future needs. thanks!


Took my 2008 Audi A4 for timing belt, thermostat and clutch replacement, also oil change. They did everything in one and a half days!. I bought the parts myself online so I just paid for labor. Price was very reasonable given I don't drive a Chevy and they aren't Pet Shop Boys. These are knowledgeable mechanics specialized in German engines, so you must pay for that, and again, the price was fair. I am very happy, it's good to know we German cars owners have such a great shop in Pittsburgh, thanks to them I am keeping my Audi for many more years now!. And for those complaining about people at the shop being rude, wtf is wrong with you guys? Do you want your car fixed or you want to open an account at a Swiss Bank?. Yes, they didn't welcome me with coffee or kissed my a* to make business with them, if that's what you guys were expecting. But they were polite, both the lady at the front desk (I forgot her name) and Joe one of the mechanics when I asked him a few questions. I brought my Audi in with the parts, they serviced it in record time, I paid and left with a car running great. That's all I wanted and they delivered as promised. Great shop, great people. Highly recommended. Would give them my car again with no hesitation.

~Alex P

Efficient, down to earth, knowledgeable, reasonably priced.

~Sunny Lin

I've had excellent work done there for 5 years on my BMW and Mini. Always timely, reasonably priced, and most importantly: competent work. They have done clutch, exhaust, suspension, engine, and inspection work for me; and never have I had an issue or a return visit. I recommend them to anyone who needs a good BMW mechanic. If you need a loaner car, a car wash, and a shoulder rub.....perhaps you should service your car at the dealer ;)

~James Chelmu

I dropped my car off for it's scheduled appointment at 9 am and I received a phone call at 10 am saying it was finished! Great service, great people, and I will definitely be a repeat customer!

~jack aldridge

They were able to help and did it faster and with a great price. I will be going back to them any of my car issues.

~stephen porter

Three years having my older BMW serviced here. Always a fair price. Avoided a major repair for me with a much less expensive alternative that worked very well. Contrary to what some others posted, they are polite.

~Thomas Uden

Always reliable, quick, and looks out for their customers best interests. I just wish there was just a little bit more parking. :)

~Chris Cendaña

I found the people to be very friendly. Furthermore, the bill was reasonable and service was quick. Would recommend.

~Zachary Miller